Wednesday, November 16, 2005

hardly working

This morning I was all fired up to finally get in a full day's work after being sick. But events (and my own intrinsic laziness) have conspired against me. It's now 3:30 pm and here's what I've accomplished today:
  • walked the dog (husband too sick to face the cold air) on a beautiful fall morning
  • paid for health insurance
  • bought plane tix to next month's conference extravaganza
  • answered some (but never all) emails
  • tinkered with complicated program trying to reduce output file size to a manageable number of columns. Succeeded in multiplying file size (and processing time) by 10.
  • Decorated my office wall with old calendar pictures while waiting for computer to work.
  • Startled at my computer warning me that it was out of hard-drive space (possibly due to humongous files I am creating), I attempted to find files that I could put on CD.
  • Got frustrated because I really have trimmed most of the excess fat from hard drive, so I decided to buy an external hard drive. There goes my laptop portability!
  • Got a flu shot.
  • Bought 160 GB external hard drive, fire wire adapter, wireless internet adapter, and envelopes at campus bookstore and charged to fellowship.
  • Installed hard drive and began moving files.
  • Posted to blogger.
So as you can see, I have found plenty of ways to keep myself busy today. Sadly, none of them contributed to finishing ye olde Ph.D..


Writer Chica said...

I asked DH about the data thing. He said any program but Excel would probably work better. He suggested using the fixed width option (not delimited) for importing the data to Excel and that that would skip your spaces. Don't know if this makes sense or will work for you.

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