Wednesday, November 23, 2005

good news for me too

Job search update:
  1. I've been thinking about applying to a job in an engineering department at an R1 school. The way they wrote their ad, it seemed like they were open to applicants from a non-engineering background. But I decided to write one of the profs in the department (whom I've met) and get the scoop on whether my background would be appropriate. He wrote back within three hours and said, sure my background is fine, but he strongly suggested that I wouldn't be competitive without a post-doc first. I appreciate his honesty, and now I'm not sure whether to go ahead and send in the application or to save the committee some weed out work. What do you think?
  2. The search chair for another job to which I've been planning apply, just wrote one of my committee members asking her to recommend one of her students for the job. So it sounds like I'd be a good fit and that I might get a "inside" letter of recc. Can't hurt.
  3. Last and best:My recommenders got asked for letters of recommendation from another school. It's an R1 school, and the position has been open for more than a year. But they asked for letters within 2 weeks of me applying. They also mentioned that they were having their next committee meeting Jan 9th, which means I should find out whether or not I'll get an interview by mid to late January.
In other news:
  1. I stayed until 8 last night and was back in at 7:30 this morning (both highly unusual for me), making huge progress on my manuscript. At 11 am I handed off the last (!) draft to my advisor and a proofreader for a once over before submission. It's going to a top journal in my field and, in its current incarnation, concludes with a teaser for my next paper (the paradox explained). I'm hoping to submit it next week, I'll keep you posted.
  2. I have identified the period of 11:30 to 2:30 as my least productive work hours. (See we're right at the beginning of that now.) I do well in the morning and late afternoon/early evening but I just kill time at/after lunch. Now I just need to come up with a strategy for being more productive then, or maybe going to the gym, scheduling meetings, etc.
  3. I finally have an outline for my fast approaching conference talk. Still don't have all the data though, but at least know what data I need to get.
  4. Meeting with my undergrad in 1.5 hours. Haven't read the paper we were going to discuss. Don't plan to. Will work on #3 and waste time per #2 instead. Will then steer the meeting away from said paper and towards selection of parameters instead.
  5. All this progress is making me slightly hyper. Can you tell?


phd me said...

Wow, you're a whirlwind of energy - feel like sharing? Great news about the job search. Keep us posted!

PhD Mom said...

I'm an engineer and it really depends on the specific discipline. In Biomedical and Electrical engineering it is rare to do a post-doc. In my field, Chemical Engineering, it is more common, but not strictly required. It really depends on how closely your field aligns with the department. The faculty member probably recommended a post-doc as a way to demonstrate experience in the engineering field. The biggest concern for me wouldn't be the research which is interdisciplinary anyway, it would be what classes are you capable of teaching? You should puruse the course catalog in that discipline and see if there are any topics that overlap with your knowledge. This would help the search committee understand how you fit into their department.

PhD Mom