Friday, November 18, 2005

friday's random ten

having joined the ipod crowd a month or so ago and having finally listened to 10 songs on a friday (I took the bus because of the air quality conditions), I can finally post a post sure not to offend anyone. Unless its by my own limited taste in music.

  1. tell her what she wants to know - sam phillips (gilmore girls soundtrack)
  2. 59th street bridge song (feelin' groovy) - simon and garfunkel
  3. hummer - smashing pumpkins
  4. anywhere but here - kd lang
  5. with god on our side - bob dylan
  6. stupid girl - garbage
  7. never is a promise - fiona apple
  8. in the quiet morning - joan baez
  9. absolutely everybody - vanessa amorosi
  10. perfect girl - sarah mclachlan
Back to brain numbing data processing.

1 comment:

Writer Chica said...

That's quite the eclectic mix. Have a great weekend!