Monday, November 07, 2005

do your reading

In lieu of real content today, I'd like to direct your attention to a spate of recent writings on thought-provoking topics:

Today profgrrrl has been debating the merits of school hopping (i.e. taking a better/different job when it comes along even though one already has a tenure-track job elsewhere).

Dr. Crazy is currently working on a series of posts dealing with teaching strategies at "non-elite" institutions versus those that she philosophically things are ideal and those that she applied as a grad student teaching motivated students.

Dean Dad responded to Dr. Crazy's initial post with some more insights on teaching in context.

YoungFemaleScientist could use your support as she copes with job search stress (don't I know!), uncertain experimental success, and piggish men.

Bootstrap Analysis is reflecting on the exploits of Lewis and Clark and what a remarkable transformation has occurred in the western US since they first saw the mouth of the Columbia River 200 years ago today.

Jo(e) is struggling with shopping and funny smells, and she faces the same awkward pants either too short or too long dilemma that I face.

And, ending on a very light hearted note, science writer and super-mom Writer Chica is laughing her way through her day.

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