Monday, November 07, 2005

Adventures in Shopping (and other ways to kill a day)

My dad and his wife descended upon our house today for their semi(bi?)-annual afternoon visit. This time it was decided in advance (by them) that husband and dad would work on home improvement and dad's wife would take me shopping. Of course, I had no warning of this until after they had taken us out for a massive brunch. So I was dragged off to the mall for "professional clothes." Apparently it had also already been decided that I must need professional clothes, despite the fact that I have been conscientiously upgrading my wardrobe with just such pieces for the past 6 months and really I could use a pair of jeans and or khakis since I lost (read: split) 2 pairs of these in the past 3 weeks.

Now I'm one of those people who doesn't really enjoying shopping in the best of situations, and our area doesn't have a lot of selection for women's clothing. If you go an hour away, you can do okay, but around here the women professors shop at the outdoor gear store for clothing (I'm not making this up!). Plus, I'm currently having weight issues, and am now wearing S's hand-me-downs from when she was pregnant! No, I'm not pregnant, just eating too much. But I am consciously trying to reduce my impulse and desert eating. I've been avoiding halloween candy and only having one desert per week. So going shopping for "bigger" clothes is in some way admitting defeat, saying that I really will be this side for long enough to need a decent wardrobe.

But I put on my game face and off we went. And we found a few things that will work. Fortunately, dad's wife and I have some similarities in taste in clothing. You wouldn't know it by looking at us, but at least we're of the same opinion about some of the horrible things on the rack at Ross's. The highlights of the trip are a grey cashmere cardigan (my first cashmere!) and an impractical sleeveless top from ross's ($6!).

Now in response to jo(e): At my current weight I feel formless, unfit and borderline unhealthy. The fact that I am at the upper end of the size range of the brands I like doesn't help matters, but it's not the driver of thing 3. I just felt a lot better 20 lbs ago. And you know when you really need to diet when you announce you are dieting and no one (no one!) says: "Oh, but you look so good/skinny/healthy just the way you are." So if you see me, please don't tempt me with chocolate or candy, I have very little willpower when it comes to those things, and I'd really like my new clothes to fit in a year. (or, better, be too big!)

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BotanicalGirl said...

I just admitted defeat myself, as far as buying bigger clothes. I had no pants that fit, only shorts, and even here in CA its now too cold for shorts. How embarrassing. And the one department store in town didn't have anything bigger than a 16. Gah.

I bought men's jeans. I love them. So women's fashion designers can now bite me.