Monday, October 17, 2005

the ups and downs of business travel

Some of these are general things for me, others are specific to this annual pilgrimage to DC.


  • get to sleep in king size bed crosswise
  • chance to see new places
  • get to eat in fancy restaraunts (often on someone else's dime)
  • a break from the normal routine
  • get to interact with new people
  • earn extra money
  • get a break from dog walking, dish washing, being a good wife


  • can't fall asleep for hours because of jet lag, paper-thin walls
  • spend all day in conference rooms, hotels, and restaraunts, and when I can escape feel like I'm seeing a version of the city Disneyfied for tourists
  • eat way too many calories, can't drink city water because it makes me sick, and thus I have to look like a snob as I order bottled water
  • nagging feeling that I am falling farther and farther behind in normal routine
  • have to try to remember names of people I may never see again
  • tempting to spend extra money
  • miss dog and husband
I wanna go home!

Question for the masses: When you travel for business - what do you do to make the ups outweigh the downs?


Anonymous said...

Bottled water and banannas. Keep a stash in your hotel room, and it totally solves the gross city water (I'm a city girl, so I can say that) and calorie overload (eat the nanas for breakfast). Also try to get some excercise - it's a wonderful mood-booster, albeit sometimes unrealistic. :)Lee

volcano girl said...

Go jogging or walking. It's a great way to see the city and orient yourself to your new surrounding. And it makes you feel god.

Or drink a margerita. They always cheer me up when I'm someplace different.

Accept your surroundings as a way to open your mind. I always come back from trips with new ideas and perspectives. At home, my creativity sometimes gets into a rut.

Yeah, traveling kinda sucks. But I'd go crazy if I had to stay in one place all the time. Grow wings. Explore. Feel confident in yourself.

she falters to rise said...

I always skip out halfway through one of the conference sessions and take a walking tour of whatever city I'm in. At least then I feel like I actually got to see the city, instead of being prisoner to my hotel and the convention/conference center.

I also always ask for business cards so that I don't have to work so hard at remembering people's names.

I also go to vendor stations so that I can take free junk back to my hotel room--it's kind of a game to see how much stuff I can get. I then give those gifts to my sister-in-law and brother for festivus.