Sunday, October 02, 2005

rainy days and computer woes

Yesterday, I went in the field with my undergrad to show him the sites for his sr. thesis. I decided to (gasp) actually try to do some work on this trip and not just be a tour guide, so I brought along my laptop to download some data loggers. It was raining, but it is Oregon in October. My computer got a little wet(ter) at each stop, and after the third stop was behaving very very badly. I (barely) accomplished what I needed to, shut it down, and figured I'd let it dry out before trying to use it again. Well, it has now been 29 hours since it last got wet, and it boots up fine, but I can't log in to Windows because it won't respond to ctrl-alt-del. I can't plug in an external keyboard, because I need to be in windows to tell it to pay attention to said external keyboard.

I'm trying not to freak out about this (yet), because hopefully the geniuses at the college's helpdesk can work their magic and fix it. Plus, I had paper copies of the things I needed to edit and read this weekend. BUT I know it will occupy at least a chunk of my day tomorrow to deal with it, which will put me behind in my goals for October. And that's a best case scenario. I don't even want to think of the worst case one. So I am majorly kicking myself for bringing my laptop in the field, rather than the designated field laptop with Dell's cure-all promise. At least I'm pretty good about backing things up. Except those newly-downloaded field files and the figures for my paper. I sure hope they can fix it!

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ScienceWoman said...

Tuesday: 4:30 pm. Computer guru working on my laptop was out sick today. Am starting to think that this marks the permanent demise of my laptop (or at least the end of its portability). There's a lesson here.