Friday, October 21, 2005

quick picks (things I'd like to write more about but don't have time)

  • Am home from trip. Thanks for suggestions for improving my mood while on travel. Was in serious funk, but Wednesday's walk to the Mall and visit to the Holocaust Museum really improved my mood (sounds strange I know), because then I was least seeing the city not just the inside of a hotel.
  • After flying all day, husband picked me up at airport and took me to dinner. Then he dropped me off for a symphony concert with S. While I would have appreciated the concert more with less jet lag, great classical music always has a way to transform my spirits and cause me to spontaneously smile. And I woke up last night with Holst's Mars and Jupiter running through my head.
  • Getting paper edits back from people. Am finding that I am having a hard time working on the seemingly endless revisions, but having an even harder time getting started on next phase of research.
  • Speaking no data abstract got accepted for a talk at the major December meeting. Am speaking right after one of the big names in field. Getting scared...vowing to work weekends.
  • Have decided to apply for "reach" faculty positions. Whatthehell, mightaswell.
  • Went to departmental mentoring lunch today....would have been much more useful if I were a M.S. student who didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, because mentors were all industry or gov't people. One woman spoke frankly about the problems she's had with being a woman in a male dominated industry. Frankness was appreciated by the all female audience in my group.
  • Science magazine has a great profile today of the Class of 2005, i.e., new faculty members in the sciences. Representing the U.S. they picked a lesbian couple with a 10 month old that managed to get positions in separate departments at the U of Colo. Inspiring, but rare?
  • My grandpa who lives in a nursing home about 2 hours away (but who I never see, because he doesn't know who I am) is in the hospital with pneumonia and not doing well. Sounds callous, but don't care all that much (long story here), except that my dad is obviously very concerned and is flying out. So I will be going to see that side of my family and my dad tomorrow. And bring along the laptop and journal articles for the inevitable down times in the hospital waiting room.
  • Husband still unemployed - contemplating taking seasonal retail job. One of the jobs that the state employment service tried to match him with is his old job! Those bastards. They just hire people, chew them up, and spit them out. But husband still seems to be in remarkably good spirits...though less than last week.
  • Speaking of, need to run to grocery store and get ingredients for dinner that husband will be cooking tonight (inspired by Martha!) and spend QT with husband and dog to make up for this week's absence and my neverending work obsession.
  • have a good weekend


Anonymous said...


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jo(e) said...

Classical music can always change my mood.