Monday, October 31, 2005

October's horoscope and this week's forecast

According to United Airlines, my October should have looked like this:

"If you're coveting sleep time, it's not just that you need physical rest; your subconcious also needs those Z's. Don't be shy. The sky is the limit these days, so expect nothing less. By month's end, your geographical scope will broaden."

I'd say they pretty much nailed that one. I need time off work to recuperate from my time off work, and I've been to the east, midwest, and west in October. May November be less eventful.

On my plate this week: visiting colleagues today and tomorrow, giving out halloween candy (so I don't eat it), giving a talk at a 2-day conference, and working through the comments i just got back from third author. Oh, and applying for 3 jobs.

Tomorrow is the 1-year anniversary of my oral prelims. And still the defense seems so far away.

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