Monday, October 03, 2005

Day in the life

Following the lead (okay, shamelessly copying) a few other women bloggers, I present a special edition of "On being a scientist...". Sort of a quick-fix, just the facts version, sparing me (and you) any pretentious analysis or musings about my life. This is the 6-year old's diary version of my day.
  • Rushed through morning routine (shower, breakfast, walk dog, make lunch) to make it to school a whole 10 minutes earlier than usual.
  • Booted up laptop, still doesn't work, relinquished it to computer gurus at helpdesk
  • Read email, news, chatted with S, hoped for magic phone call from helpdesk with quick fix
  • Edited hard-copy good science/bad writing paper for 4th author credit. Helped S start listserv for our brownbag.
  • Went to gym with S and swam 500 m.
  • Ate lunch and reduced teaching philosophy to single page by removing paragraph on assessment. Delayed plans to do a job app swap with MR. Both of us behind.
  • put edits of above paper into Word. (Muttered obscenities about muddled writing, atrocious figures, and inconsistent editing) Ate two oreo cookies. went for 3rd mug of tea.
  • 4:30 Called helpdesk. Told computer guy to go ahead and disassemble laptop. Hell, hit it with a hammer. Just back it up first.
  • Couldn't face any more word documents. Started Powerpoint to work on seminar I was "invited" to give with less than a week's notice.
  • put some pretty pics into powerpoint and decided to blog instead
  • wrote crappy blog post and went back to powerpoint
And later tonight I'll go home feeling underwhelmed by my accomplishments for the day. My husband will have waited for me to come home, so that we can walk the dog together (in rain). But he will have reconfigured last night's pot roast into tonight's stew. Will take journal articles out of backpack to read, but instead get sucked into Fox's TV lineup and clothes folding. TV watching will lead to ice cream eating (despite vow to lose weight this month), and I'll go to bed feeling guilty about ice cream and journal articles. Dog will curl up with me and all will be right in the world.

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