Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Thanks to single girl for inspiration on this one. She's in the midst of applying for internships at the culmination of her Psych.D. education. And in an upbeat post that minimized the pain of applications getting lost, etc. she filled us in on the important dates she's set for herself.

So here are mine.
  • 10-14-05: Date I leave for DC and by which the paper is going to be to third author whether I sleep between now and then or not.
  • 10-17-05: Date while I am in DC by which I have to submit the powerpoint for a talk that isn't being given until 11-2-05. How annoying!
  • 10-31-05: Date of next gyno appt.
  • 11-8-05: Date of big deal seminar for government agency whom I may someday wish to work for and in front of whom I certainly don't want to fall on my face.
  • 11-18-05: Application deadline for job that I really really want.
  • 12-5-05: Start of conference where I have to give a talk or poster on a topic for which I have no data.
Beyond that I have no idea...but I guess I could add: 9/1/06: date at which fellowship runs out and by which I would like to have defended and gained employment.

Good god, I have a lot to do. Let's not post on this topic again. Days are better when they are not taken all at once.


volcano girl said...

In case you're feeling stressed out, here's my list of deadlines. I need to vent because I have been operating on very little sleep (I dream in code these days).

Friday Oct 15 - have to have to hand advisor semi-completed copy of 3rd chapter of thesis so she can read it while at GSA. The discussion, including some pretty complex models are not written up.

Oct 28 - must give draft of entire dissertation to committee. there are still so many holes! chapter 2 needs to be revised. general introduction, conclusion, table of contents, appendices, etc must be written

Nov 11 - D-DAY. Dr. Volcano Girl!

No job yet, just waiting to hear back from vegas about a post doc (how wierd would that be?). The PhD and completed publications would certainly help! My advisor is wonderful and supportive most days. But she has not given me a single fully editted manuscript!

Anonymous said...


10-14-05: Date I leave for DC. Yay!

10-17-05: Date I am done powerpoint and don't have to think about it until 11-2-05. Yay!

10-31-05: Potential date of extremely good news. Keep 'em crossed, boys and girls!

11-8-05: Chance to impress government agency whom I may someday wish to work for!

11-18-05: Application deadline for job that I really really want.

12-5-05: Unique thinking-on-feet challenge.

10-13-05: date dear old college roomie drinks too much coffee and gets overly perky on your blog