Wednesday, September 14, 2005


There is SOOO much I want to write about right now, but I just don't have the time. So here's the quick and dirty.

  1. It's our third anniversary today and right now I am at school, sweaty and grungy. But as soon as I am done here, I am going home to get dolled up for a nice dinner out and a movie. Cliched, I know, but we haven't been out to a movie since Star Wars.
  2. I did it! At 3 pm today I handed a complete draft of a paper to my advisor. The introduction sucks and there are some problems/holes in the discussion, but it is 21 pages (1.5 spaced except references), 3 tables, and 8 figures long! I promised myself that I would have it done by the time he got back, and I did it. It came down to the wire, but I got it done, and as you can probably tell, I am very proud of myself. Now I can try to productively occupy myself with other things until I get the edited (no, massacred) draft back.
  3. A friend of mine got herself into an icky (un)funding situation with her graduate program. When she told me about yesterday afternoon, she was desperate, even applying for food service jobs (and getting turned down for lack of experience). Part of the problem was that she was too timid to talk to either her advisor or her current boss about the situation. But today I managed to tactfully bring the subject up at our project meeting and within a few hours the wheels got rolling on providing her with funding if her advisor fails her. Plus, we convinced her to write an email to her advisor politely enquiring about funding opportunities. By this afternoon her advisor had written back, we'd found her backup funding, and she'd had a job interview for the campus writing center, and gotten the job. So she'll be okay, and she's very relieved. I'm glad that I did my small part in helping her, because out of my own experiences I have lots of empathy with people about these things.
  4. Never read job ads before bedtime! Combined with bad Chinese food, it led to some pretty wild dreams and a very yucky early morning. So no more Chinese food from China Blue, and no more job ads after 8 pm.
  5. Our house is now gray! Yay!
  6. Welcome back to two of my favorite bloggers, who took extended blogosphere vacations at the same time. Chica and Annie, I missed you.
  7. I can't believe I just used the word "blogosphere" in sentence without being ironic. I am such a nerd.
That's all for now. Have a wonderful evening.

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Writer Chica said...

Congrats on getting the draft done!!

Congrats to you and your husband on 3 years!! Hope you have a great evening. Let me know if you see a good movie.

Love ya, Chica