Friday, September 30, 2005

monthly summaries and goals

On the last workday of each month, I take a few minutes to list my accomplishments for the past month and write goals for the next month. It gives me a chance to realize that I have actually done something (or very little) in the past few weeks and gives me a sense of what lies ahead. Usually I try to keep my lists fairly short (3-5 bullet points), but this month they got a little out of control.

September 2005 accomplishments:

  1. completed draft of paper (including figs), gave to advisor, got review from advisor
  2. contributed to CL grant by sending data to modeller, doing field work (1 day)
  3. revised CV, wrote statement of teaching philosophy, applied to 1 job
  4. finished summer course responsibilites with incomplete student taking exam
  5. reviewed existing LE data, began to spin up on topic
  6. submitted abstract to conference in Dec on LE (no data yet! a conceptual model?)

October 2005 goals:

  1. revise paper, send to 3rd author, revise and submit
  2. continue work on LE towards conf., proposal, paper, brownbag (10/6)
  3. continue work on CL grant (3 components)
  4. apply for jobs at 3 liberal arts colleges
  5. prepare and submit talk for early Nov conf. (talk due Oct 17)
  6. complete 1+ teacher visits in fulfillment of summer contract (wish I could get out of these)
  7. complete 1 wk of science contest judging (the last year, I swear!)
  8. edit collaborator's paper so can be submitted (and become another paper in review on CV)
  9. do field work as needed (this whole weekend.)
So it's apparently going to be a fractured month. But there's a lot on there that I can't afford to let slide, so it'll have to all get done. But hey I got 6 things done this month. And I'm doing field work all weekend for the UG thesis I'm advising. so I'm leaving now and going to do something fun with my husband, who's been stressed out, is about to lose his job, and with whom I've not been there for very much recently (either emotionally or physically). Have a great weekend.


Dr. Charles said...

i used to do that before each scholastic year until med school, and then i just got overwhelmed and felt like i was done trying to get to the next level. some of my high school goals included "get ripped muscles" and "find a girlfriend." :)

Jane said...

I really like the idea of setting monthly goals. Glad to hear you've found a system that works for you!

My goal for October is to get myself out of all of these commitments that I've somehow picked up...I need to reclaim that time for my research!

ScienceWoman said...

5-9 done by today, 1 partially done, 2 partially done (but far far from finished), 3 ignored for yet another month, 4 one applied for, one not, one removed from list