Friday, September 02, 2005

a decent man

This is why I love my husband. All week I've been saddened, stressed, and frustrated by the images on TV of the hurricane disaster area. As my last post implied I was feeling powerless to make a real difference for the people of the area. Last night as we were watching the news, I realized that maybe we can make a difference. We are relatively unfettered, with no kids and flexible work situations. We could volunteer to help out in the disaster area. I don't know what we'd do, but we'd do something. (Simple Gifts from Appalachian Spring just started playing on the radio. how appropriate)

I suggested it to my husband, and he didn't think I was crazy. In fact, he said that we could think about going for two weeks, for our anniversary trip. He said he'd talk to his boss about getting time off. We talked about how hard it would be, and I told him I couldn't do it without him.

Our evening then went on to other less altruistic things (watch Jeopardy rerun, paying bills, etc.) This morning when I got into to school I found the local Red Cross chapter and saw that they require ~12 hours of training before you can go help out. The next available trainings are next weekend. I called my husband. He said, "Let's do it. I'll talk to my boss this afternoon."
We decided that even if we get trained and they don't need us, that it would be a good thing to do. Then next time there's a disaster, we'd be ready to go.

I love my husband. He's such a decent human being and he is my emotional rock.

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ScienceWoman said...

I called the red cross office today (after trying to sign up on the web) and their trainings are full indefinitely. I heard a story on NPR that mentioned abandoned dogs that might have to be shot as they formed feral packs in New Orleans. It broke my heart and made me think that maybe I could help through the ASPCA. But they only want trained people (animal handlers, vet techs...). Mercy Corps says they're bringing 1000 evacuees to Oregon, but doesn't give a way to give more than money. All any of these organizations want from me is my money. On the one hand, maybe it means that despite the chaotic appearance on the news, that the situation is really coming under control. On the other hand, I find it very disheartening that someone like me with time to give can't find a way to do so. On the third hand, why is it that has taken an absolute tragedy like this one for me to realize that I should be volunteering? Maybe this scale of crisis is what it will take for the powers that be to realize that things they have been ignoring (global warming...) are real and they won't go away.