Monday, September 19, 2005

busy, busy, busy

Busy at home - spent the weekend doing yard work (weeding, laying landscape fabric on newly weeded areas, priming the deck, reconstructing the wood shed), housework (laundry per usual), and having a friend (and her six-month old over).

Busy at school - waiting for my advisor to give me back my paper draft, so I am occupying myself with things I should have done a long time ago. Sunday I wrote a "statement of teaching philosophy," today I gave a make-up exam, tonight I'll write my "research interests statement", tomorrow I'll do field work, and then...well, it just keeps going

Busy having fun - Did 4 hrs of red cross training today (*so* slow paced, but it's for a good cause), 8 more hrs of training training by the end of the week, going to a symphony concert w/ S on Thursday, and going on an all girl's raft trip this weekend. Must find my non-cotton clothes and finally invest in a pair of gloves I can get wet.

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Writer Chica said...

Good that you are balancing all that work with some good causes and good fun!