Thursday, September 01, 2005

Am I hypocritical or just selfish?

Am I a hypocrite for giving 5 times as much to hurricane relief as I did to tsunami relief? Or am I just serving my own interests by giving more to the disaster that affects me more personally? I can rationalize that I have more disposable income now than I did in January and that this seems shocking because these people had fairly comparable standards of living last week and that this is my country. But I also remember how many more people were affected by the tsunami and how poor they were to start with. Either way, I don't feel good about my charitable giving right now.

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Anonymous said...

Anne, sweetie, I see this a little differently. Giving, helping, and caring are all positive things. It is basically impossible for any of us to contribute assistance to every needy person in the world, especially if we try to determine how much assistance each person deserves based upon his/her level of need! Since that task is impossible, we can either give up OR just do the best we can. You did something good, let's just leave it at that. -Lee