Monday, August 22, 2005

Weekend escape

11 months ago, at the end of a week long trip to California, my husband and I attempted to see Crater Lake. But when we got there, the lake was totally cloud obscured and we saw nothing at all.

This weekend we got our revenge. On Saturday morning we jumped in the car and cruised down to the deep blue lake. And it was gorgeous.

It was fun to play tourists, but as I listened closely to the rangers, I was also doing work: learning about the lake's science and how the rangers were interpreting it. Overall, I'd say they did a fairly good job, but I, of course, would have liked to learn more. A low-light of the science interpretation came when a trail guide spent one sign post explaining that ice floats. Not really relevant to glaciation, but the guide improved after that.

The highlight of the trip: spending quality time with my husband, while feeling like a diligent graduate student doing background research!

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Anonymous said...

A beautiful, romantic setting like that and you still managed to "study"? Am not sure whether to be impressed or disappointed with you ;) Lee