Monday, August 15, 2005

should I be nice?

A teaching ethics question for ya'll to help me with:

The last assignment for my class was due on Friday at 1 pm and I had made it very clear in bold italics that late labs would not be accepted. Prior to this I was grudgingly accepting late assignments but docking them 20% per day.

Anyways, on Wednesday afternoon, 2 students took up all of my office hours to work on the computers in the lab room in order to finish up their last lab. When I finally kicked them out, one had printed and the other had nothing left to do but print.

By the Friday 1 pm deadline, the labs weren't in my mailbox. I was shocked! I actually went out of my way to send the 2 students an email asking them where their labs were and giving them an extension until 4 pm that day to email me a copy, since I knew they had them done.

I didn't hear back from either of them and at 4:30 I turned in my grades for the quarter. The missing lab knocked one student from a B+ to a B and it knocked the other from an A to a B+. The student that went from A to B+ was honestly probably the 2nd best student in class, so I felt kind of bad, but the points on the lab were enough to shove him down into the middle of the pack.

This afternoon I got a frantic email from my A-->B+ student explaining that he had forgotten to hand in the lab when he took the final and had then left town for the weekend. He attached a copy of the lab, which of course was (almost) all correct.

So now I am left with my question. If I grant him anything more than 1/2 the points on the lab he moves back up to an A. But final grades were due this morning and, to change his grade now, I have to fill out some form with the department. I'm sure it's a routine thing to do, but it's a pain in the ass for me, and after all, I was very explicit about my deadline.

What do you girls/guys think? For the moment, I am inclined to leave him hanging for a few days while I decide.


chica's sis said...

So I found your blog through my writerchica sister...
Just wanted to say that this post is particularly interesting. I'm not sure what I would do in your situation. All I know is the many, many times I took off for the weekend I made sure everything was in that needed to be - as I'm sure you did. Whatever you choose will be plenty fair. Good luck.

Writer Chica said...

Has he been late on anything for your class before? Did you remind them before the final that their labs were also due? Why didn't he turn it in on Wednesday if he was done then?
Let me know what you do. Have a good trip to Crater Lake if you get to go soon-you deserve a vacation :)

ScienceWoman said...

I did change the grade, but I haven't told him yet. Nice, but not too nice.