Monday, August 29, 2005


  1. I'm back at my desk now from a week of field work. I'm still supposed to be writing this journal article, but once again my day is filling with little tasks that have more urgent deadlines but don't contribute to my Ph.D. completion. How annoying.
  2. The backpacking trip was brutal, though the scenery was wonderful and the company was good. Probably the highest elevation I'll ever hike to in the Cascades, and hopefully the heaviest pack I'll ever have to carry. At least in such bad shape.
  3. Started a free week-long trial at Curves this morning. Am definitely too young and thin to be at that place. Especially can't see paying $30/month, when I can use the campus gym for free. But it's closed this week, so I might as well go to Curves. That and while the workout didn't feel like much at the time, I can feel it in a few places now.
  4. DH and I failed to get pregnant again this month. Give us a few more months and we'll officially be infertile. I never dreamed that having a baby would be so difficult and frustrating. After all that time I spent agonizing over whether the timing was right to have a baby, turns out it doesn't matter anyways. After trying for so long, we'll be ecstatic if we ever do get pregnant. Timing be dammed.


Writer Chica said...

Thinking of you...I'll call soon.

Rose Connors said...

I didn't realize you were trying! It's been 28 months for us so far. Check out about my 8th post on 07/16/06 at
if you want to see what we've made it past so far. I'm taking an herbal tonic to promote fertility. Ask if you want to know more.