Friday, July 15, 2005

t minus 3 days and counting

I've been working all week on getting ready for class next week, and I've been alternating through a range of emotions associated with my impending transition to Frau Professor. Most of the time I'm feeling pretty good. I've got a couple of lectures written now, I'm thinking up a few more interactive activities, and I won't have an educational specialist breathing down my neck this time around. But yesterday a series of phone calls triggered a panic attack that took me at least 8 hours to completely recover from. A student of mine has actually already been to the class website, looked at the syllabus, and wants to get a head start on the readings! He wanted to know if I meant the whole chapter or whether I was interested in only certain pages. How should I know? I haven't read the book (it's a piece of crap). And then a friend reminded me that we have a 3 hour meeting this afternoon to get introduced to a new piece of lab equipment that I'll be having my undergraduate advisee working on this fall. And those two things really drove home how rapidly my leisurely prep time is running out and how soon this class is no longer going to be an abstract four weeks on the calendar but a living, breathing classroom full of students.

This morning having run off copies of my syllabus, devised a brilliant (in my mind at least) Image of the Day assignment, and started into the next lecture, I'm feeling a little calmer. Sure, I've got only one hour left to work today, but I've also got Saturday and Sunday, and I know I'm ready for Monday morning (though afternoon lab is a different story). And Tuesday's lecture is days away...

So forgive me if the posts are little light in the coming few weeks. I promise I'll have some good stories at the end of this.

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