Monday, July 18, 2005

one down

15 lecture periods and 7 labs to all the grading and lecture writing that goes with it.

I had 15 people registered for class today, and at lecture this morning I had 13 (although one was 30 minutes late). This afternoon at lab I also had 13 people but I lost one person from lecture and gained one person who skipped lecture in the morning.

Overall, I think today went pretty well. There were a few times when I think I could have been more clear about things, but often they reflected places where my knowledge is not exemplerary or one time when I should have read the lab more closely. I accidentally skipped out on my office hours this afternoon (they should be ending now and I'm already at home), but nobody could have serious questions after the first day, could they?

If the rest of the days go this well, I'll consider the class a success.

I've got to write more lectures; I covered a bit more today than I thought I would, but it's nice to have the comfort of being a bit ahead. I'd like to keep that cushion, so I'm off to write Wednesday or Thursday's lecture.

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Writer Chica said...

great job, sciencewoman! Wish I could see you in action!