Friday, July 01, 2005

moms...all work and no sleep

There was a spot on all things considered last night about how baby orcas don't sleep for their first month of life. They swim constantly, possibly because they have thin blubber and are born in cold water, so they have to keep swimming or they'll freeze. Their mom's don't get to sleep either and swim constantly with their babies. The dad's sleep patterns don't change at all. Figures!

I ran into a friend of mine who had a baby 8 weeks ago. She too is finishing her PhD in my field, or trying too...She says she's trying to work one day a week and during the brief gaps that she gets, but that because she's breast feeding she can never be away too long, which makes it even harder. We didn't chat too long because I felt bad about taking some of her valuable work time, but I bet she'd really identify with those orca moms.

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