Thursday, July 07, 2005

current events

Excuse the foray into political events, but they are certainly a major part of our lives.

Re: London's attack. I am deeply saddened for those people affected physically and psychologically by this attack. You are in my prayers.

Re: Sandra Day O'Connor's resignation. I am appalled that Bush may get a chance to appoint up to three supreme court justices, but cautiously hopeful that he will appoint a moderate.

Re: Confidential sources and a free press. Many of you may have lost this story in the shuffle of recent world events, but I think it's an important one. A New York Times reporter has chosen to go to jail rather than reveal confidential sources for a story she did not even write. Meanwhile, the conservative columnist who did write the story revealing the name of a covert CIA operative has gone free. I've been in interested in constitutional law and freedom of the press since high school when, as editor of my school newspaper, I discovered that principals really do have the authority to censor student publications. If reporters cannot now guarentee protection to confidential sources, what civil liberty that we take for granted now will next be curtailed?

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