Sunday, July 03, 2005

balancing teaching and research

I'm quite worried about how to maintain forward motion on my research as I embark on teaching - not the least because it's been two weeks since I've done any research - and Naturejobs (free site by the journal Nature) has an article on this very subject this week. Some of their advice:
  • find a teaching mentor in your field and whose style you admire
  • time management is crucial - some ideas: take one day a week for only research; teach all of your classes one semester so that you can have the other semester for research; teach your classes in the afternoon and don't start prepping until the morning; use the law of diminishing returns to judge your time efficiency
  • think about teaching as an experiment or art form - assess your results and innovate to achieve better ones
I think for now I'll try to take the advice to set aside one day a week for research. I'll be teaching Monday through Thursday, so if I do research on Friday that still leaves me the weekend to prep for the following week. Don't know what my dh will think of that though...

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