Monday, June 06, 2005

writing exams is a lot of work

I spent two and a half hours this afternoon writing 8 exam questions for the teacher's institute at the end of the month. I think they are good questions, many with diagrams, but that's over 30 minutes a question. The hardest questions to write are the multiple choice questions, because you have to come up with three plausible wrong answers. My only solace is that maybe I can use them for my college course next month (or at some indefinite point in the future). So at thirty minutes an exam questions, and 8-10 hours prepping an hour time is solidly booked for the next three months....but wait, I still have to do research! I didn't think it was possible, but my respect for college professors who are good teachers and active researchers is growing by the minute.

Random event for the day: Stopping to let a male peacock (with full plumage) cross the highway!

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