Sunday, May 15, 2005

weekend update

Yesterday was a wonderful day around town. The weather was sunny and warm and my dh decided that we should go biking around town. We biked over to the Ford dealership and feeling like enviro-nerds asked about the hybrid Ford Escape, found a locally owned sandwich place for a late lunch, went to the nursery for tomato plants, and grilled dinner.

Today, I needed to do field work and I made dh come with me. Even though it was raining, he was a good sport because I explained that I really needed to do it and since I hadn't been to these sites before I was uncomfortable doing it alone. So off we went to the mountains, got to the first site, and found out that the equipment was broken. It was really frustrating to have driven all that way and not be able to get any data. But in the end we made a bad situation into a good one by doing a neat hike past some waterfalls and hitting the REI sale.

So despite what I thought was going to be a productive work day in the field, once again I've managed to go a whole weekend with doing no work (except that chapter on strontium isotopes I read when I couldn't sleep). And once again I've had a fun weekend. There might be a lesson here about what weekends are meant for, but there's also the sobering thought of a busy week ahead and the eventual need to actually get the field work done. Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

Yay, fun weekend!!!!! Last night on the Simpsons, Bart made fun of grad students and Marge said something about their "poor choice of lifestyle". And although that sounds harsh, it can definitely be true if we're not careful. I often catch myself prioritizing myself last on my list of things to do, and I KNOW you have to do the same sometimes, Anne. So I am very glad to hear that my fave sciencewoman had some fun :)Lee