Tuesday, May 31, 2005

time management skills

I need some. Despite the shortened workweek, it took me until after 2 pm today to really get down to research. I had to answer emails, backup data, read a journal article, go to lunch with a visitor....all genuinely work related activities, but none of them really furthering my research career. It's so easy to burn a large part of the day with things like that, and so frustrating to look back and realize that I haven't accomplished anything. However, doing miscellany is better than sitting in meetings, because they just cause the miscellany to pile up. Anyways, in today's case, it's good that I only put three hours of real work in, because now, at 5 pm, I am completely burnt out and frustrated with my day's project. I can't seem to get the data to agree with the way I think they should reflect reality. Argh...

Well, I am off to walk the dog, eat some dinner, update my other web site, and hopefully do some prep for Thursday's big meetings...You'd think that the fact I am bringing work home (and with the intent to do it, no less) would alleviate some of my aggravation, but it doesn't because I knew I was going to have to bring it home with me, no matter how good my time management. Blah.

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Writer Chica said...

Wish I could offer you tips on time management, but I'm clueless. As a B&N employee perhaps I could offer you some good books on the subject.... :)

Glad your trip to New Orleans went well. Talk to you soon,