Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Maybe I haven't been clear as to what I mean for this site to be.

My goals:
1. To engage in an on-line conversation with other women, scientists or not, about the joys, struggles, and confusions of being a woman and being a scientist.

2. To write about my personal challenges and insights as a young, married woman working on her Ph.D. in the sciences.

My methods:
I envision my role here as diarist and as provacateur. I figure my job is to start interesting conversations, by relating incidents and insights from my life, or by bringing in outside references that have caught my attention. Hopefully, if I say something controversial, thought-provoking, or stupid enough, you will write a comment and a dialog will begin. Or, maybe, you'll just read what I have to say, and learn something about me or yourself. But I'd love to know what it is you've learned.

Why this blog?
I have friends working on their Ph.D.s, friends that opted to stop after their bachelor's or master's and work in industry, and friends that decided to put aside their career and stay home to raise children. I have a friend who finished her M.S. almost a year ago and is still searching for permanent employment, and I have another friend who is trying to weigh a job and community she loves against a husband who's career needs to move away. I, personally, have been thinking a lot about when to have a child, and what sort of compromises I am willing to make in terms of career and family life.

And I know that my friends, and other people who stumble upon this site, can share their collective wisdom and experiences, their shared hopes and frustrations, so that we can each learn something about ourselves and what it means to be a woman in today's world.

My frame of reference is academic science. That is where I spend most of my days absorbed, and, hence, my perspective on women's issues is colored by the culture of science and of academe. I am coming to realize that I view my chosen career differently from my male counterparts. Maybe I, we, have something to say about science, as a profession or as a discipline. But if you're not a scientist, please, share your perspective, too. I know I can learn a lot from other disciplines and life paths.

So join me on this journey of a blog, of a career, of a life. And speak up.


Writer Chica said...

I was going to post a comment, but it started to get really long so I put it on my blog instead. It was stuff I felt like sharing there anyway.

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