Thursday, May 05, 2005

roller coaster day

It actually started last night when I slammed my finger in the door as I was leaving for dinner. Then the dog adorned herself with compost and had to have a bath at 10 pm. But in between, I had a lovely dinner with my cousins and presented the (almost-finished) blanket, and my cousin's wife, who is Japanese, was very touched. She told me how much she wished her family were here to share the baby excitement with her and how it was hard because her husband (my cousin) seemed more into the business he was starting than in getting things ready for the baby. I vowed to try to be a better family member for them.

This morning, with my finger still sore (actually still is, and is still bleeding a little) things were going pretty well, and I was making good progress with my research and people were being amazingly responsive to my emails.

But this afternoon, I had a meeting to organize a day-long event for our department. And the two geographers (damn them all) didn't bother to show up. So will there be food and coffee? How about somebody to provide technical support to the speakers? Don't ask me. And I was left feeling like I was stuck in another one of those dreadful group projects in school, where 3 of the 4 people do nothing, I do all the work, and we all get the same grade (oh wait, that's basically what's happening). My friend and colleague (we'll call her S) calls people like us "hole pluggers." We see the holes in things and we can't stand to watch them collapse, so we fix them. And then people discover that we're good at fixing things (or organizing them in the first place) and they give us more holes to plug. And, yes, I am good at organizing, but I don't really like doing it.

Anyways, so I was in kind of a crappy mood when I left school. I had a splitting headache and it was raining and I knew I had to walk the dog. But now a few hours, a Tylenol, some Amy's lasagna, a mug of tea, and some Jeopardy later, I'm starting to feel better. My tea bag, (Good Earth original, my all-time favorite) had the following Celtic proverb. "When God made time, he made enough of it." In other words, I should stop stressing out.

And as another reminder that my problems are minor compared to others, I found out today that my friend who is pregnant, buying a home, and about to move, had her mortgage broker try to kill herself 7 days before the closing with their check lost in the mail. Of course, my friend's problems are minor compared to her mortgage broker's. My thoughts are with you both.

I'm going to go rot my brain in front of the Apprentice. If Tana gets fired they should just stop the show, there'd be no one left that I'd hire. I think I'll eat some ice cream too, maybe it'll make my finger feel better.


ScienceWoman said...

Well since nobody is reading my blog (or least commenting on it), I'll comment to myself. Maybe Kendra isn't so bad, she's obviously smart (which I value) but just seems immature. I sure am glad that Craig's gone though.

Writer Chica said...

Dear sciencewoman,
I'm reading your blog everyday. Sorry I am a bad commenter. I shall try to do better.
miss you,

ScienceWoman said...

I invoke my right to totally change my previous opinions. Tana couldn't handle the pressure and displayed a stunning lack of people skills, while Kendra was cool as a cucumber and knew how to schmooze with the important people. Trump has no choice who to give the job too...or at least that's what we've been led to believe by selective editing on "reality" TV.