Friday, May 13, 2005

quick recap

Ology-Day 2005 is over. After 23 talks, an award ceremony, and food and coffee catering issues, I was quite brain-dead last night. Everything went smoothly, but I was on a post-performance adrenaline withdrawal. I am planning to go in the field tomorrow, but I couldn't seem to find the crucial piece of equipment. Hopefully, when I get into school today it will be right under my nose.

Am feeling very stressed out at the moment about the amount of research stuff that I feel like must be gotten done RIGHT NOW. I know that realistically I have plenty of stuff for a 15-minute talk in a week, and I should just put the powerpoint together, but somehow teaching in July feels like a looming brick wall and has pushed me over into panic mode where I try to do everything at once, with no regard for what actually should be prioritized. (Like posting to this blog, and writing run-on-sentences.)


Writer Chica said...

Take two deep breathes.
Hope you find your equipment. Is it raining there as much as it is here?
Hope your stress level goes down. What is the 15-min. talk for?
How many weeks is your class in July?
I'm always available if you just wanna talk.

Anonymous said...

Anne, sweetie, in the midst of all this stress, please don't forget to take care of yourself. A home-pedi and a Bellini (preferrably in that order, unless you want to have hot pink bathroom walls) can do wonders for a young Superwoman. And remember - the students are all waaaaaaaaaaaay more afraid of you than you are of them :) L