Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The quest for wonder-woman status

Now on a completely different subject than previous posts. Last night I found myself fighting with the sewing machine, in an attempt to finish a baby blanket for my cousin who is due in 2 weeks. That I would find myself in this situation is remarkable because 1) It was my first solo attempt at sewing ever and 2) My mom doesn't sew either. So why, you ask, was I parked in front of the sewing machine? Because when I moved to this town and starting hanging out with my grad school friends, I discovered I was the only one of them who wasn't "crafty." It wasn't enough that they were graduate students, girlfriends/wives, runners and rafters. They also spent their evenings fashioning heirloom quality quilts and stained glass lamps. Most of the time at the end of the day, I collapsed in front of the TV. One night they invited me over for a crafting evening, and I suddenly needed to find a project. At this time, two of my friends were pregnant, so I figured I'd make them baby blankets. It seemed like a nice thoughtful, and finite, sort of craft to undertake. But my friends were the beginning of the dam burst, and now a flood of babies later, I find myself obsessed with baby blankets. The crafty friend who was helping me use her sewing machine got pregnant (I still haven't made her a blanket), and now that her life is even more complicated than before, I figured I needed my own machine to handle the two new arrivals this spring. So I added one to my Christmas list, and rather than getting the goodwill special I was aiming for, my MIL bought me a fancy $400 one (she bought my dh a chainsaw, how stereotypical, but that's what we asked for). So now I feel like I have to use the damn thing, plus those near and dear to me keep breeding, and I am currently working on four blankets. (!) And last night was the first night of actually sewing on my machine. It was not without drama, and the end result is certainly far from needlework perfection, but the fabric is cute, it should be able to handle being repeatedly washed, and babies don't care about the details anyways. Right?

So back to my subject line. The baby blanket thing just represents the latest craziness of modern womanhood. Apparently it is not enought to be professionals, wives, mothers, healthy eaters, and active exercisers. We must now walk around with knitting needles or whatnot, prepared to make the world a cuter, more comfortable place by crafting. And I have fallen victim. Perhaps I should have chosen something less cute than babies for which to make my crafts. If I were making toilet seat covers, say, it would be much easier to say no. But babies...

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Rose Connors said...

I began a lovely baby quilt for my neice, who just turned one, before she was born. And I'm not pursuing a phd.