Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I am a nerd, yes, I am.

WooHoo. I just won a T-shirt in one of those mystery photo contests. In one of the professional magazines I subscribe to they put a photo and some clues each month. You have to figure out what the picture is of. So last month I figured it out, with some help from a friend. We started over coffee and made an educated guess, and then I confirmed it with a little help from Google. And now there's a T-shirt coming my way. I'm going to give it to the friend who helped me, because I already have one of those T-shirts for correctly identifying another mystery photo at a professional meeting a few years ago.

So I'm not just a nerd, I'm a double nerd. I wonder if they'll stop letting me win after a while.

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Writer Chica said...

Makes me miss doing crosswords with you.