Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Career goals (as of this afternoon)

So I just applied for a workshop for young (and future) faculty (particularly women) in the sciences. As part of the application, I had to outline my career goals and where I saw myself in 5 and 10 years. So this is what I wrote:

My career goals are to become a tenure-track faculty member at graduate-degree granting, research-oriented institution. I seek to combine a vibrant research career with quality undergraduate and graduate teaching and advising. I envision my research career crossing the boundaries of ...ology, ...ology, and ...ology. I believe active research invigorates teaching, and vice versa, by allowing me to introduce applied problems in the classroom and forcing me to stay up-to-date on my broader fields. I believe it is particularly important to involve undergraduates in engaging research.

In five years, I envision myself as having completed a post-doctoral research stint and obtained a tenure-track faculty position. I will probably be trying to balance teaching several classes on top of obtaining funding as an independent principal investigator. In ten years, I hope to achieved some level of mastery in teaching and research, as I will likely be up for tenure review.

Are these my true goals? Yes and no. In the ideal world (and that of workshop applications), yes. But don't ask me how I'd manage to be a mom and a sane adult if I did that. Maybe with a nanny and a housekeeper/cook. In the real world, I'll settle for some of the above. I figure that no matter what I end up doing, it'll be interesting. After all they don't hire Ph.D.'s to do data entry...do they?

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