Friday, May 06, 2005

And this is what I have to look forward to?

Here's a real email to a real professor from a real student. Names are changed to protect the innocent. I know the prof, so I am not just recycling some academic urban legend here:
"Dear Prof,
I just signed up for your 101 class. This will be my third time around as I have gotten a d both times. If you could give me an idea on how you teach that would be great. To be completely honest right from the start I am basically asking if I will be able to show up for class and just take the exams. Nothing against you but I have sat through two semesters of this class already and I am not looking forward to it again. Very Lazy, Student"
I can't believe that someone would dare to write to a professor like that. I would be very tempted to respond something like this: "If you have gotten a D twice before from other profs, and you don't come to class this time, you will almost certainly get an F from me."

However, I'm guessing that such a reply would get me in big trouble with a dean or something. So the more diplomatic response, and the one taken in this case was:
"Do as you please, but why not take it from another instructor? I understand that some of them are not as difficult for many students as I am. I do not give extra credit under any circumstances. My lecture notes are on the web, but, of course, I talk about a lot more detail anduse examples. My exams are 50 questions multiple choice and I have a comprehensive final of 100 questions covering the entire semester. I do"news of the week" which is environmental news at least once a week, and this becomes 5-6 questions on every exam, which can make a full letter grade difference for those who skip class. "

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Writer Chica said...

That is really funny! Perhaps that student needs to rethink why he/she is in college. I like your response better :)